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Online HIV dating service makes it possible for herpes singles to find love in an easy way

August 2, 2013

As known to all, there are a quarter of American who have got herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2). They give the herpes virus to other mainly by sex. In the case, many of those people are stopping sex in their life and they become lonely. They are afraid of giving herpes to the person they really love.

But now, online herpes dating sites are making it possible for those herpes singles to find love in an easy way. The reason is simple. If one people with herpes finds another one who is the same, there is no need for them to worrying about they will spread the virus to each other since they have already had it.

Jim Anton and Kate B White would like to share their story with us.

Close to two years ago I started feeling symptoms around my junk area can’t be normal i thought. I take a visit to the local hospital and was told i have HSV-1. Depression set in and yeah you know the rest.One year later i stumble upon this glorious herpes dating site. So instead of testing the waters i dove right in and grasped my hands on a gold membership. One month turns to three months and still nothing too significant turns up for me meaning i wasn’t receiving responses from the girls i was interested in. Coming down to the last week before i shut down shop i receive a wink from an attractive young lady in Oklahoma. To simplify things we just exchanged numbers and developed a texting relationship.For the next four months there wasn’t a day we didn’t saying good morning and good night to each other. Plenty of photos were also added each day which required me to purchase a sd card to save all the pictures. Through the 4 months of chit chat we planned to meet and did so just last week. One word INCREDIBLE! We clicked like p b j. The flight back home was painful. Now that we’ve met we seem to like each other a great deal and wanna make it work but, there’s just one issue there’s roughly 2,000 miles separating us. We plan to try and make it work. So0000 me moving to Oklahoma is in the works…..
“Never say never and don’t loose hope”. This is the only advice to those herpes singles who want to find love online.

More information about Herpes Dating . org 
Herpes Dating

Herpes Dating

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